About Us

About the Founder

As an environmentalist, Dave truly thrives when he’s enjoying time in the great outdoors, whether surfing at the beach or spending time rock climbing in the mountains. As a lifelong music lover, he sees a parallel between the natural world and music in a way that breathes life into his unique inventions. By bringing art and nature together, Dave hopes to inspire a new generation to feel as passionately about our planet as he does.

About Us

Music is more than a simple pleasure; it’s a way of life. Putting a smile on your face and helping you to live to the fullest, music creates the kind of amazing memories that last a lifetime. You’ll always remember those days playing your favorite songs at the beach with your friends, passing headphones back and forth between you and laughing until it hurts. And that’s what Organic Affinity is all about: harnessing the beauty of music to make the world a better place.

Organic Affinity is a new kind of brand, melding the natural beauty of our planet with the power of man-made music to create a truly unique product. Organic Affinity inspires us to remember the good times, to smile a little more, and to reach for the goals and dreams we truly believe in.

Our Headphones

Most headphones are made from plastic and metal, and produced in monstrous plants in the world’s most desolate communities. But that’s not Organic Affinity. We seek to break this stereotype, merging natural materials like bamboo with premium audio parts to create a sound like no other.

Cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, bamboo is stronger pound for pound than steel, creating a highly durable, long-lasting alternative to traditional materials. Bamboo also grows rapidly, providing a sustainable, regenerative option that is produced naturally, not developed in a lab.

Organic Affinity headphones are made with bioplastic polymers, which breakdown in landfills in just one to two years, over 500 times faster than traditional plastics. We also take advantage of high quality electronics to provide the best possible sound quality, including copper drivers that produce a frequency response of 20-20,000 hertz and a sensitivity of 90-120 decibels, to create a peerless final product.

We’re all about eco-friendly sound, however; style is also important to our mission. Last year, we were selected as the most environmentally-friendly headphone option by Louis Vuitton, leading to the design and production of custom bamboo and bioplastic headphone for use in the LV museum’s self-guided tour. What other brand can say that?

Our Mission

We are a technology company dedicated to bringing premium products to consumers in a way that honors our planet and our ecosystem. We are committed to earth-friendly products, the organic food movement, biodiversity and species preservation, as well as carbon footprint reduction and energy conservation. Everything we do is for the betterment of the earth, both for ourselves and for future generations.

Our headphones are more than just an accessory. By supporting Organic Affinity, you’re standing up for the little guy and speaking out against mass market greed. You’re saying “not today” to the businesses bulldozing our rain forests and “hello” to a cleaner, greener way of life.

What good have you done for the planet today?

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