Made with Sustainable Bamboo and Bioplastics

BioBuds Sustainable Earbud Headphones



Providing the kind of crisp, luminous sound quality that only natural wood can produce, Eco-Friendly BioBuds made from sustainable bamboo and plant-based bioplastics will astonish your ears with rich, warm tones and satisfy your desire to live a green lifestyle. Each pair of Eco-Friendly Earbuds are handcrafted by expert acoustic engineers using Earth-loving materials that make vocal harmonies soar, melodies resonate, bass sounds intensify and transform any sound experience into a soul-stirring adventure.

Plant-based bioplastics represent a compostable alternative to other toxic plastics that have had a destructive impact on our environment and health. When you are listening to your favorite music with Eco Friendly earbuds, you can also take pride in knowing you doing your part to protect the Earth. Using bamboo saves trees, combats habitat loss and helps reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Rock your ears and the Earth with Eco Friendly BioBuds.